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The Scout Association was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1907. It is an International youth movement to encourage the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people, so that they may take a constructive place in society. It provides an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training, based on the Promise and Law and guided by trained adult leadership. This is the Aim and Objective of the Scout Association.


Scouting is much more than a club or hobby, in that it seeks, through its programme, to influence the lives of young people, for the good of the individual and the benefit of society in general. However like any voluntary organisation, the benefits that can be gained are only in ratio to the efforts put in by members and their families. Th Promise and Laws which follow, emphasise the need for personal effort in that espect.


The motto of the Scout Association is "Be prepared"



The Beaver Scout Promise

I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful, and to love God.


The Cub Scout Promise

I promise that I do my best, to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Cub Scout Law.


The Cub Scout Law

Cub Scout always do their best, thinks of others before themselves, and do a good turn every day.


The Scout Promise

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep Scout Law.


The Scout Law

A Scout is to be trusted

A Scout is loyal

A Scout is friendly and considerate

A Scout belongs to the world-wide family of Scouts

A Scout has courage in all difficulties

A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property

A Scout has self-respect and respect for others



2nd Whitton Scout Group


The Group was founded in October 1936 with a Scout Troop of six boys, and due to popular demand, a Wolf Cub Pack was started a year later. The Group was at that time, sponsored by St. Augustine's Church and met at Bishop Perrin School Hall, which at that time was also the Church.


Our Headquarters site was purchased in 1953 for £100. The freehold is held in trust by the Scout Association on our behalf. The original hall, financed and built by supporters and members of the Group, cost approx. £1,500. It was opened by Lord Peter Baden-Powell, son of our founder, in 1956. The two-story extension was opened in 1964 by Old Hamptonian, John Thurman, the Gilwell Camp Chief. Further additions include the Quartermaster Store, Project Hut, Supporters Garage, the concreted access alley from the Nelson Road and the Car Park, the side extension rooms for the Scout and Venture Scout sections. The present day value of the land is difficult to assess, however, a rough estimate is close to £1 million.


A resolution was passed in 1997 to rebuild our Headquarters by the year 2000. The original builders would never have dreamt that 300 people would use the building on a weekly basis! This usage has taken its toll on the building and the building showed signs of wear. Unfortunately it became clear that it would take far too long to raise the amount needed to rebuild and we had to rethink our plans and refurbish rather than rebuild. The work started in earnest in May 1998 and included a new roof, new, more efficient heating and improved lighting and flooring, yet, within a few short months, we were able to re-use the building for our regular meetings. The official re-opening ceremony took place on 29th November 1998, attended by Derek Twine, Chief Executive Commissioner of the Scout Association.


1996 marked the Group's Diamond Jubilee and we held many special events celebrating this anniversary. Many "old boys" renewed their allegiance to the Group and helped both by supporting the events and with donations to our Rebuilding Appeal.


World Jamborees are held every four years, and this Group has had a representative at each one since 1947! This is a tradition we expect to continue. The last Jamboree was held in Sweden during the Summer of 2011, when four Young People from 2nd Whitton represented the Group, District and County, one Leader went as a Contingent Leader and one Leader attended as a member of the International Service Team.  Over 40,000 Scouts and Leaders from across the world helped to celebrate the aims of Scouting representing a membership which covers all the countries of the world bar 2. We are very proud of our record of members attaining the Queen's Scout Award, which is the highest training award of the Scout Association. 100 have gained this award since the Queen's reign began in 1953. Our Group has been represented at the National St. George's Day parade at Windsor Castle on numerous occasions. We also have one King's Scout. This achievement was recognised as a record by the Guinness Book of Records, and a certificate to this effect stands alongside the list of the 100 Royal Scouts at the time of the record, on display in the Headquarters.


Every year we present our own Gang Show. The first performance of "Our Show" took place on 30th March 1951. The shows, based on Ralph Reader's London Gang Shows, enjoy a national reputation for a high standard of performance. Any member of the group, from the youngest Beaver to the oldest Leader can take part! In 1993, ‘Our Show’ moved to the ‘Edmund Kean’ Theatre in Richmond College before moving to Twickenham Academy. 2nd Whitton is one of a very few groups to put on a Group Show. There is a great deal of hard work and commitment needed to produce the Show, but we value it as a tremendous training experience for every member of the Group, from the smallest Beaver to the largest Explorer Scout. The buzz the children get from being on the stage performing to their friends and families is worth every bit of effort rehearsing in the preceding weeks. For parents too, sitting in the audience brings great pride as your child steps out on stage, spots you and smiles.



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